What Is Lecher antenna ?

  • The Lecher antenna is the main scientific mechanism used for the qualitative detection of energy field's interactions and the medical instrument used within

  • The Lecher Antenna is a subtle energy measuring device that can also be used to stimulate meridians and enhance the health of human and animals and their energy fields. It is used by energy workers, therapists and clinicians interested in measuring human compatibility and the effects of different electro-magnetic fields.

  • It is an energetic diagnostic tool that can be used to identify and correct health imbalances, environmental aggressions and nutritional needs and most importantly help you to select personalized treatment programmes for your self or your client. It is an energy diagnostic tool that can be used in various ways to measure the subtle energy fields around environmental and ecological substances and to measure your own and other people’s energy fields.

  • Lecher antenna is a dowsing "wand" which has seen the day in the 1990s. There are several forms and different sizes, but all are based on the same physical principle: that of the lecher line. The name comes from Ernst Lecher, who was an Austrian physicist (1856-l926 Vienna) The Lecher antenna is well known in physics for measuring standing waves and static electricity. More and more the Lecher antenna is used in healing and alternative activities.

  • Advantages of the Lecher

  • The advantage of the Lecher antenna is the accuracy. By adjusting the length of the antenna it is possible to measure very precisely wavelengths from 1.0 to 18.0 cm. These wave lengths are transmitted by all kinds of phenomena, in the medical realm, psychic experiences, in the psychic range of observations, radio frequencies, astronomy.