Corporate And Industrial Vastu Consulting

  • We, at vastuvedas take utmost care and go through a robust and meticulous planning while providing corporate and business vastu consultation. While doing the vastu of your office space, industry, mills or any other corporate project we use proper vastu techniques which helps in increasing the success of the company as well as those who are associated with the particular business.

  • Vastu Shastra principles can be applied to an office, corporate building, industry, manufacturing unit or any other industrial project at three major stages :-

    While designing a new projectWhile re-designing the manufacturing unit, corporate project, office space etcAt the time when you feel that the business is not yielding profitable income

  • Benefits of Industrial and Corporate Vastu

  • The ones who can benefit from the Industrial and Corporate vastu consultation are :-

    New OfficesFactoriesIndustriesManufacturing UnitsHospitals, Hotels, Shopping Malls and ClinicsThose who renovate the existing office space With a well planned office space as per the proper vastu shastra principles and rules the corporate houses and industries can surely benefit a lot.

    They can attract more prosperity and wealth to their businessThey can attract more customers and achieve higher targets.They can increase the productivity and performance level of the employees. The motivational levels and dedication of the working staff also increases.The chances to meet obstacles in the path of success reduces.It enables the owners to take just the right decision at the right time.The company can achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction.

  • Residential Vastu Consulting

  • The quest for a peaceful abode is paramount in all humans. We at vastuvedas offer residential vastu consultation. We offer vaatsu remedies which can effectively attract and retain health, wealth, harmony and peace in the life of the dwellers. What distinguishes our residential vastu consulting from those in the field is that we offer hundred percent "zero demolition remedies" by use of colors, various vastu objects, pyramids and more. By incorporating these minor changes in the house, one can benefit at a large scale.

  • Benefits of Residential vastu Consulting

  • Those who can benefit from our residential vastu consultation includes :-

    Individual FlatsBuildingsBungalowsFarm HouseColoniesGuest HousesSocieties

    We provide a varied range of residential vastu consultation which includes selection of the plots and flats before finalization, rectification of the existing vastu faults, vastu planning for the renovations of the flats etc. By building a house, flat, bungalow etc on proper vastu principles one can :-

    One can attain the peace and prosperity of mind and soulOne can enjoy a better quality of lifeThe relationships between the inmates is betterThere is more love and harmony in the houseThe inmates enjoy better healthThere is a higher rate of success both personally and professionally